In line with our 2023 vision, our country has now become more influential in the world with important projects which domestic and national capital signed and investments in many fields. We aim to guarantee the occupational health and safety of our employees with our understanding prioritizing labour peace by giving particular importance to social dialogue.

For this purpose, strengthening the communication between our employees and employers is of great importance also in the field of occupational health and safety, as in every field, in terms of establishing safe workplaces.

The 10th of International Occupational Health and Safety Congress, which we organize biyearly, will be held between 11-14 July 2020 with the motto “Strong Communication, Safe Workplace”, with the participation of leading academics, experts, national and international organizations, universities, professional chambers and representatives from non-governmental organizations.

On behalf of strengthening the communication in the occupational health and safety; I hope that our Congress will conduce to exciting and invaluable sharing by announcing scientific studies, disseminating the developed solutions and inspiring new studies at the same time.

At the Occupational Health and Safety Fair, which will be held simultaneously with the Congress, visitors will have the opportunity to meet innovations in the field of occupational health and safety.

As the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Services, I am honoured to host this organization, which we will organize in Istanbul with the theme of “Strong Communication, Safe Workplace” and invite all our stakeholders and our people to the activities to be held.


Zehra Zümrüt SELÇUK
Minister of Family, Labour and Social Services
Republic of Turkey


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