In today's technology and working conditions; occupational safety and health; original ideas, different perspectives and analytical approaches about the effect of communication between employers, employees and government authorities, which are among the actors of the working life, and all the positive messages that will be given in this field will be conveyed to the participants in the main session with the theme of “STRONG COMMUNICATION, SAFE WORKPLACE”

1 Perceptions and Expectations of Actors in Working Life in Terms of OSH 14 Vulnerable Groups and OSH
2 Road Safety 15 OSH in Public Sector
3 Emergency Scenarios 16 Human Resources Management in OSH
4 Legal Aspects of OSH 17 International OSH Approaches
5 Criminal Aspects of OSH 18 OSH Management Models
6 Periodic Controls of Work Equipment 19 National and International Occupational Health and Safety Data
7 Safe Using of Work Equipment 20 Working at Height
8 Effective Communication in OSH 21 Violence at Work
9 Industrial Toxicology 22 Ergonomics
10 OSH on the Media 23 Occupational Diseases
11 New Approaches in OSH Trainings 24 Accident Root-Cause Analysis
12 Safety Everywhere 25 Data Processing Practices in OSH
13 Proper Planning and Design 26 New Approaches on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
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