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  • » Istanbul 3rd Airport

    IGA was established on 7 October 2013 to carry out the construction of Istanbul New Airport and to operate it for 25 years. The construction and operation of Istanbul New Airport, one of the most important aviation centers of the world, started with tender won by Cengiz-MAPA-Limak-Kolin-Kalyon Joint Venture Group. The project aims to blow up the world with a 1,400,000 m² main passenger terminal, 6 independent runways, a total construction area of more than 3,500,000 m² and a capacity of 200 million passengers annually, with 76.5 million m² of landing on the Black Sea coast of Istanbul.

    The first phase of Istanbul New Airport will be opened on 29 October 2018, which will be the world's largest "constructed from scratch" airport when completed. As of today, approximately 36,000 employees, including 3,500 white collar workers, work at the Istanbul New Airport.

    Istanbul New Airport, recognized as the world's largest aviation hub project which will carry Turkey's role in the international aviation industry to the peak, will be a big gateway for Istanbul and Turkey.



  • » Betek Color Chemistry and Industry Inc.

    Believing that our country deserves the best examples and applications in the world in every respect, Betek continues to develop its leading position in the paint and insulation sector every year ever since its founding in 1988. Ranked 98th on the list of the top 500 industrial establishments of our country (ISO 500); Betek, which has Filli Boya, Fawori, Alligator, Alsecco and Capatect brands in its possession, continues to contribute to the environment, energy efficiency, sustainability policies and projects aiming the development of our country.


  • » Bıçakçılar Medical Devices Inc.

    1959 yılından bu yana sağlık sektörüne hizmet veren Bıçakcılar, Türkiyenin önde gelen tıbbi cihaz üreticisidir. Bıçakcılar, kalite güvence sisteminin EN ISO 9001 ve EN ISO 13485 standartlarına uygunluğu ile birlikte Avrupa Birliği ülkelerinde sağlık ürünlerinin ithal ve kullanım izni olan CE Markası kullanım yetkisine de sahiptir. “Her Cihaz Sıhhatiniz İçin” prensibiyle yola çıkan Bıçakcılar, üretimde odak noktasını hasta sağlığı üzerine kurmuştur ve bu yolda, 800’ü aşkın çalışanı ile küresel büyümeye devam ederken, hızla değişen sağlık sektörüne, 2020 inovasyon stratejileri ile etkin faydalar sunmaya hazırdır. 


  • » BSH Home Appliances Industry and Trade Inc.

    The BSH Group supplies innovative household appliances manufactured by 43 factories to consumers through 80 companies in 48 countries. The largest of these 43 factories is located in Çerkezköy, Tekirdağ. The Çerkezköy plant, located on an area of 550,000 m2, has a capacity of 6 million units. With an investment rate of 1 billion Euros since 2005, BSH Group is Turkey’s number 1 home appliances company when it comes to foreign investment.

    BSH Turkey with their brands Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau and Profilo develops world champion products in our country and exports them all over the world.

    As of 2014, the BSH Group Africa gave the responsibility on the Middle East, Central Asia, Ukraine, consisting of Russia and Belarus areas to BSH Turkey. There are 1.9 billion people living in 89 countries and 8 production facilities in these areas. BSH Home Appliances Inc. has 8000 BSH employees, 6 subsidiaries and 2 representative offices in the area in which it is responsible of.

    Making three patented inventions a day, innovation is an indispensible part of technology creation process in BSH Home Appliances… In this regard, within the regulatory framework from 2008, BHS Turkey became the first certified R & D center in Turkey. BSH Turkey exports innovative products with patented technologies developed in our country to the world market. Increasing the number of R & D engineers by 488% in the past 10 years, BSH Home Appliances is shaping the future of the industry by developing world champion products and studies.

    BSH Service offers discovery, assembly, maintenance / repair, additional warranty and accessory sales services for pre-sales and after-sales services for Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau and Profilo branded Home Appliances. BSH Service’s experienced team, powerful technological infrastructure, customer-oriented professional practices fulfilling demands of both dealers and consumers, has 4 regional offices, 8 Factory Export Center spread across Turkey. In addition, with over 2.500 workers in 360 Authorized Service Centers, BSH is in the leading and exemplary position in the industry.

  • » Honda Turkey Inc.

    Honda Turkey, responsible for Honda passenger car production, import and marketing of Honda motorcycles, was founded under the name Anatolian Honda Automobiles Inc. in 1992 with 50% - 50% partnership.

    The construction work finished only 14 months after it had started in 1996 at Gebze Şekerpınar and Honda Turkey Factory could begin trial production. Since the end of 1997 the company started mass production of Honda’s Civic model. Since 2003 the company continues its activities as Honda Turkey Inc. with 100% Honda Motor Co. capital.

    The factory in Gebze Şekerpınar is Honda's second automobile production facility in Europe. The Honda Gebze factory was built on a total area of 369.580 m2. Honda Civic Sedan model and spare parts production are realized in Gebze factory with production capacity of 50.000.

  • » İstanbul Public Bread Flour and Bakery Products Food Industry and Trade Inc.

    Istanbul Public Bread Inc. is an affiliate company founded by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in order to provide better service to the people of Istanbul, to prevent excessive and unfair practices in the price of bread and has started its bread production in August 26, 1978. Its basic values are quality, healthy and affordable product.

    İHE Inc. has factories in Sultangazi-Cebeci, Eyüp-Edirnekapı and Kartal-Cevizli districts. The total number of personnel working in the company is 445 people. With the daily bread production capacity of 1 million 800 thousand pieces, it covers 10-12% of Istanbul's bread needs and serves at more than 2,000 sales points. Among the 58 varieties produced in the factories, there are gluten-free products produced for Celiac, PKU and Ones with Autism are also included. IHE, which closely follows the technology, continues its mission of being the pioneer of the sector.

    IHE continues certifying its continuous quality improvement activities in accordance with TS-EN-ISO 9001 Quality Management System and TS-EN-ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System standards in three of their operations and produces safe products under hygienic conditions. In order to ensure the trust and satisfaction of the customers, İHE does production according to the "TS OIC / SMIIC 1" halal food standard.

    The company has received many national and international awards.

  • » Sanovel Medicine Industry and Trade Inc.

    Sanovel, which manufactures at world standards without compromising its principles and quality, was founded by Erol Toksöz, a pharmacist. Erol Toksöz, who entered the pharmaceutical sector in 1976 by establishing the Galenos Ecza Depot in Ankara, bought Adilna in 1982. He made the basic for Sanovel's in 1983. Sanovel started its production journey in 1983 with 5 staff in Şişli. Today in modern facilities in a covered area of 59 thousand square meters on a plot of 125 thousand square meters, the company stores the future of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry.

    Established with a hundred percent domestic capital and operating in the pharmaceutical sector for more than 30 years, Sanovel is a true example in the Turkish pharmaceutical sector with investments in human resources and R&D studies on one side and dynamism and openness to development on the other.

    After laying the foundation for Sanovel Pharmaceutical Industry Istanbul Silivri Çantaköy, on November 3rd 2001, the new medicine production facility was ready for production in April 2006. This new production facility had main production unit, cephalosporin production unit, purification unit, R & D center, high warehouse and social foundation.

    Developing by increasing the power of technology and innovation since its very first day of production, Sanovel Medicine has been awarded first place on ‘5th Private Sector R&D Center Summit’, sector based medicine industry and in Intellectual Property Competence amongst R&D Centers in Turkey.


  • » Sedef Boat Construction Inc.

    Founded in 1972. and operating within Turkon Holding since 01.12.2000, Sedef Boat Construction Inc. has become Turkey’s leader shipyard by producing more than 180 ships.

    In terms of area and capacity, Sedef Shipyard is the largest private company in Turkey with 194,000 sqm in Tuzla Campus and 37,000 sqm in Orhanlı support area. In total that makes the production area of 231,000 m² area. In Tuzla operation there is 50.368 m² of closed area, while there are another 11.000 m² support area in Orhanlı.

    Sedef Shipyard, which has adopted the widely spread workstation logic used in automobile factories into shipbuilding processes, has panel lines with a 50,000 tons a year of a  capacity,  100,000 tons of sheet metal and 600,000 DWT ship building capacity, making it Turkey’s largest and most modern private shipyard.

    At the same time Sedef Shipyard, which has Turkey's largest-volume dry dock, is suitable for building, maintainance and repair of ships up to 180,000 DWT (Capesize) in size, as well as lifting blocks of up to 1,050 tons on the dry dock and up to 500 tons on the dock.
    Sedef Shipyard, which operates in cooperation with the existing sub-industry in Tuzla region, is capable of producing offshore type vessels and platforms, while also being suitable for construction, maintenance and repair of container ships at a size of 7500 TEU.
    In the near past, two floating pools have been constructed for Saudi Arabia. Currently, construction of two dual fuel ferry vessels for Seaspan Ferries Corporation (SFC) and power generating vessels producing energy at various capacities for Karadeniz Holding is continuing. Thanks to the latest technologies and very specific designs, these energy vessels meet the energy needs of cities in many countries of the world with a sensitive and environmentally friendly infrastructure for energy efficiency.

    Sedef Shipyard which has the necessary documents and capability to work on military projects is working on one for the Turkish Navy. Within this project a ship with vehicles and personnel transport capability, command and control capability, ability to perform day and night helicopter operations and with comprehensive health services is being made. This Disembarkation Ship (LPD) will contribute to the representation of Turkey's naval forces in the world's oceans Pool. The LPD can be used for medical assistance in the context of natural disaster aid, humanitarian aid and refugee evacuation operations through its full-fledged hospital and operating room facility.

    Sedef Shipyard, which has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates, is also the pioneer in construction steel works with EN1090-2 EXC4 certificate (3rd bridge legs were manufactured in our company).


  • » Turkish Airlines Technic Inc.

    Turkish Airlines Technic Inc. (IATP: TKT) is a part of Turkish Airlines A.O. brand community. The brand, which is one of the world's leading aviation service suppliers, with a team of 7.500 experts, offers their clients services in quality and comprehensive maintenance, repair, modification and reconfiguration. Having maintenance hangars in Ankara and Aydın, Turkish Airlines Technic Inc. carries out its operations in two continents: at Istanbul Atatürk Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport facilities.

    Besides engineering and maintenance activities, they also offer component maintenance, spare support, design, certification and production services to many international airlines.


  • » Turkcell

    Turkcell is a digital operator in Turkey which offers its customers unique digital, voice, messaging, data and IPTV services via mobile and fixed network. Turkcell Group companies work in total of 9 countries; Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, North Cyprus, Germany, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Moldova. Launching the LTE service on 1 April 2016, Turkcell started using the combination of LTE- Advanced and 3 carrier technologies in 81 province in Turkey.

    As of December 2017, approximately 99.61% of Turkey's population is covered through its 2G network and 97.94% with the 3G network. At speeds of up to 1 Gbps, Turkcell provides fiber data access up to homes. As of December 31, 2017, Turkcell has a revenue of TRY 17.6 billion and an asset size of TRY 34.0 billion. Listed on both NYSE and BIST since July 2000, Turkcell is the only Turkish company listed on NYSE. For more information, please check



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