Goal of Conference

Intercontinental synergy for Occupational Health and Safety at the melting pot of civilizations.

  • Right to work at a healthy and safe environment is one of the fundamental human rights. The primary objectives of OSH are to take precautions by predetermining any factors in the working environment that may harm the employees; to provide a comfortable, healthy and safe labour life without any occupational accidents or diseases; to sustain the mental and physiological health of the employees.
  • According to ILO numbers there are 3 billion employees in the world 1.2 billion of which are female. Every day 6 thousand workers i.e. every minute 4 worker die due to occupational accidents or diseases. On annual basis 360 thousand people die due to occupational accidents and 1 million 950 thousand people die due to occupational diseases.
  • These aforesaid occupational accidents and diseases, which impair the world labour life, the work and social life of the employees and the national and regional economies, impelled a boost in the global awareness of occupational health and safety.
  • During the last few centuries the concept of occupational health and safety advanced and changed in accordance with the development in labour life. Nowadays occupational health and safety, as an issue, is considered to be basically modern, proactive and preventive systematic approach with a common endeavor of stakeholders.
  • Within this scope, in order to provide a platform for information sharing, coordination and cooperation, 8th International Conference on OSH will be organized in 8th -11th May 2016 with main title “Sustainable OHS”. The conference will include a wide range of 34 topics such as subcontracting, disabled employees, ergonomics and psychological risk factors.
  • This conference will be a great opportunity to provide a forum for sharing new information and implementation models that aims at promoting OSH; to form cooperations and build networks, to increase and strengthen the coordination in between related bodies; to improve knowledge in OSH and to share strategies.

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